Cleric is acknowledged as the ‘number one’ supplier of software solutions to the UK Ambulance Services and the leading supplier of special needs passenger transport logistics systems to the Public and Private sectors.

About us

Cleric Computer Services (Cleric) formed in 1985 is a specialist software provider focussed on the UK Ambulance market. Cleric supply highly resilient, mission critical, enterprise systems aimed at the core operational areas of 999, NHS 111, ePCR and PTS services.

As a wholly owned company based in England Cleric prides itself on keeping fully engaged and abreast of NHS and NHS digital strategy and NHS contracting requirements. We do this by being fully involved national groups whether this via NHSE/I, NHS Digital/X, AACE or any other Commissioning body.

Cleric has been working with ambulance services for over 30 years, developing a deep understanding of user and service needs and providing its mission critical systems:

  • 999 CAD/NHS 111
  • ePCR
  • PTS

We also work with over 30 different customers across the UK providing its software technology solutions across a range of NHS and non-NHS Services.

“Our aim is to solve people transport and placement problems in the most speedy, reliable and efficient manner. Cleric software solutions makes the difference when time and service delivery is critical, protecting patient outcomes, optimising flexible resource usage and minimising costs. A de-facto standard in the NHS, Cleric solutions include patient and special needs transport, real-time emergency medical services, community transport, call centre and GIS systems.”

Cleric invests a significant percentage of its profits into research and development to support the on-going development of the system whether this has been nationally determined, as a result of NHS large scale reconfigurations or innovations.

Cleric actively encourages and embraces development of the system working in partnership with the Trust ensuring the product continues to evolve to meet both national and local requirements and innovations.

Cleric prides itself on continuously fostering excellent long-term relationships with its customers.

Cleric is the only UK provider of national mission critical systems who have deployed its systems (999 CAD/NHS111, ePCR and PTS) on several occasions in the last few years. Cleric feel this critical and exemplar experience gained in the UK, given the changing digital environment and national requirements to develop highly responsive safe systems, provides its valued customer base with significant added value.

Cleric mission critical systems are highly scalable and fully configurable. There are no restrictions or limitations to meeting customer expectations and requirements.

Cleric prides itself on providing all-inclusive solutions that cover software, support, licences and updates and upgrades.